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As a member of the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE iPUBLISH has access to a broad portfolio of high-class brands. The basis for the digital preparation and use of the editorial and multi-media content is Europe’s largest combined travel and event database, which contains the information of numerous publishing brands. Below is a selection from our brand portfolio:




A&W Architektur & Wohnen reports at once comprehensively, competently and entertainingly about the trends and tendencies in the spheres of living, architecture, interior and product as well as garden design.




COUNTRY portrays every facet of country living as it is practised and reports on particularly beautiful, authentic and high-quality furnishings.





Month after month DER FEINSCHMECKER informs its sophisticated readers knowledgeably and amusingly about culinary destinations, about new trends in gastronomy, the hotel industry and viticulture as well as about regional specialties of superior quality.




FÜR SIE is a modern classic in the fortnightly women’s magazine segment. Multifaceted, pragmatic and close to everyday life it stands for a modern blend of topics for women over 35.



MERIAN is a classic among the premium monthly travel magazines. Besides exciting, well thought-out texts and wonderful photographs a service section provides tips for restaurants, hotels, walks or shopping opportunities. The income and education levels of the target group are far above the average.



PETRA is the daringly cheeky women’s magazine which combines the subject areas “fashion“ and “beauty“ with the interests of the “30-plus” generation.



PRINZ is the inimitable magazine for life in the big German cities. The magazine provides a concentrated added value in a compact city format: In combination with an up-to-date journalistic concept PRINZ stands for a service orientation which convinces 20 to 40-year old city dwellers not only as regards content, but also emotionally.


On it is possible to find the current snow depths, weather and webcams, hotels, holiday flats or guesthouses for skiing holidays and winter sports news. The firm Schneemenschen GmbH is, together with, the German market leader for winter sports information for tourists.



SELBER MACHEN principally addresses male readers who are opinion leaders when it comes to "Do-it-yourself" and who are furthermore consumption-oriented and fully open to a wide variety of interests. The proven formula for success: basic knowledge, creative ideas and assembly instructions on all aspects of the house, apartment and garden.




TICCATS is the first platform on the net which ensures transparency and orientation when looking for tickets to your favourite event. Concert, comedy, festival or theatre – Ticcats combines a ticket search engine with an additional ticket price comparison.



With VITAL you discover the new gentle way of feeling good. VITAL seduces you into experiencing body, mind and soul in perfect harmony. With active wellness, gentle fitness and the desire for a modern lifestyle.



The magazine ZUHAUSE WOHNEN provides interesting tips for the topics living, furnishing and decorating. The readers learn all about current living trends for kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and are given suggestions for redesigning their own four walls and garden.




Have we aroused your interest? You think some other brand of the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE is missing from the list? Have a word with us!


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