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On the road with the iPUBLISH database – at home in the world: In our database we concentrate all important information as well as picture and audio material on hotels, restaurants, sights, events and lots more besides. Much more. Hot from the presses. Worldwide. Multilingual. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our premium data from the big wide world!





POI is the abbreviation for “point of interest“. POIs are public places: restaurants, accommodation, cash dispensers, hospitals, multi-storey car parks, sports stadiums, museums or sights. These locations are of interest to tourists, but may also be important reference points in everyday situations. The concept comes from the field of navigation and route planning – so it covers all places of significance to the user of a map. The POIs from our database are geocoded and can be depicted in maps to within a metre as little icons. At the click of a button the user can retrieve further detailed information about each POI or let himself be navigated to the desired destination. You would like to suggest a further interesting place to us? Sure: Click here.




We have to celebrate that.

Concerts, musicals, comedy, pop, festivals, culture or sport – there is always something to go to, to celebrate and to marvel at. And we know when, how and where you can best do so. From Andorra to Wales – in our iPUBLISH database we bring together more than 500,000 events throughout Europe and supply all the necessary information such as venue, time and text description. Moreover most of the events are illustrated. All event data are continually updated. They are always available in the language of the country concerned, plus German and English. You have a  request where you would like us to assist you? Feel free to contact us!



You must see that.

Photographed from a bird’s or worm’s eye perspective, from inside or out, by day or by night – our database has one or even several pictures of 20,000 POIs in altogether 64 countries right across the world. Among them sights, restaurants, bars and hotels as well as theatres, clubs and discotheques. Our photographers are constantly on the go for you, in order to discover and make a photographic record of interesting places in every corner of the globe. The stock of premium photos in our database is steadily increasing, at least 1,000 high-quality pictures are added each year. You would like even more?  Feel free to contact us!




You have to hear that.

In our database we maintain over 2,000 audio pieces on recommended places in 21 European countries, among them 149 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The audios have a length of 1 to 5 minutes. The focus of the audio pieces lies on culturally and historically important tourist sights like Cologne Cathedral, the Alhambra in Granada or the Charles Bridge in Prague. For mobile applications, interactive websites or modern infotainment in the car – the audio files are suitable for every kind of digital product solution. Even for solutions which we do not yet know about today. We are amenable to every customer request. Feel free to contact us!





International and polyglot.

We speak your language: Our data and texts are available in up to 18 languages: English (UK), Hungarian, Spanish, Czech, French, Slovak, German, Danish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Polish, Turkish, Greek (Latin and Greek script), Russian (Latin and Cyrillic script). But that is only where the fun starts for us. We are working continuously on the further internationalisation of our database content, so as to be able to provide even more multilingual texts. If you like, even in Low German or Bavarian. Feel free to contact us!



We use data for demonstration purposes.

A pig in the poke? Not with us! Instead of an intransparent black box we provide you with a crystal-clear white-label solution. Instead of cryptic characters we show you, in a clear and structured manner, what you are letting yourself in for. Why not download a small sample data set from our database right here; this will give you an idea of what great things await you.

  Download XML exemplary dataset here.


Join us – and become one of our products.

You are the proud owner of a restaurant, committed employee of a country hotel or an enthusiastic regular at a trendy bar? Regardless of what sort of location is involved – every recommendable place is welcome in our database! Of course our editorial team subjects each external suggestion to a thorough examination, no matter whether it is a question of making a new entry or updating existing data. Please use the attached contact form to register the location with us for inclusion in the database. Following a successful entry it goes without saying that you will receive a message from our editors. Just be a part!




For questions do not hesitate to contact us.

iPUBLISH Ganske Interactive Publishing GmbH

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