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iPUBLISH is the specialist for the development of digital product solutions for all electronic platforms. The applications contain premium content from the sectors travel, event and lifestyle. In addition iPUBLISH maintains Europe’s largest combined database for editorial premium POIs (Points of Interest) and events in up to 20 languages. Read more about iP.



  Customized Solutions

iPUBLISH develops apps for the brands of the GANSKE VERLAGSGRUPPE. But we can do more. Much more. We are specialized in creating and implementing creative product solutions individually according to customer requirements. more.


New: MERIANscout Apps

Discover new places simply, spontaneously and with a whole lot of fun. Or rediscover old familiar places. And explore new paths. With over 50 MERIAN scout TravelGuides to the most important tourist destinations in the world.

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Our pictures are maritime.

Hamburg flair: Bridge to the Speicherstadt in Hamburg. More pictures you can see in our database.










Our pictures are comfortable.

Hotel "Kretschauer Hof" in Deidesheim, Pfalz, Gemany. More pictures you can see in our database.










Our pictures are snowy.

Pure nature: Impressive snowscape in Neukirchen, Salzburger Land, Austria. More pictures you can see in our database.




You would like to integrate your own location in the database or update your facts?

You are the proud owner of a restaurant, committed employee of a country hotel or an enthusiastic regular at a trendy bar? Regardless of what sort of location is involved – every recommendable place is welcome in our database! Of course our editorial team subjects each external suggestion to a thorough examination, no matter whether it is a question of making a new entry or updating existing data. Please use the attached contact form to register the location with us for inclusion in the database. Following a successful entry it goes without saying that you will receive a message from our editors. Just be a part! Go on.



What’s new?

Tittle-tattle is also to be had at iPUBLISH. Only we keep it to ourselves. Transparency, candour and dialogue are likewise to be had with us. And we live up to these values. We would like to share them with you. Here you will regularly find all the press releases on new products, corporate developments, cooperations and lots more besides. Go on.





For questions, please feel free to contact us.

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